Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Gobble Gobble Day!

I hope you spend this wonderful day with your family members and loved ones.

Please remember all of the things you are blessed with!

I am grateful for:
good books that I can curl up and enjoy because it allows me to travel many places and be many characters; Hazelnut lattes because they hit the spot; my old, junkie laptop because I have one; my iPod Miss Daisy because I am never lonely with music playing in my ears; my book club ladies because they're so much fun; Judith McNaught because she made me believe in romances; authors that can make you laugh and cry; this blog that I can abuse; for libraries because you can read books for free; librarians because they help you when you get confused; my bed because I love to sleep; my evil little dog; my family and friends...

and to you - thanks for reading!

..really, I'm not that mean in real life.
......oh fine, I am, but usually have candy with me so I can make you like me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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