Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Elizabeth Adler: Meet Me In Venice

Meet Me In Venice: F
Unimportant people. (Okay, fine.)

Precious "Preshy" Rafferty
fiction (with a love story)

In this globe-spanning, intrigue-filled thriller from veteran bestseller Adler (Hotel Riviera), an American antiques dealer working in Paris, 38-year-old Precious Preshy Rafferty, is drawn into a scheme that also ensnares a cousin she's never met in person, Shanghai antique dealer Lily Song. Lily owns a fabulous, superexpensive necklace that Lily's business associate, Mary-Lou Chen, is out to steal. It's the job of Mary-Lou's paramour, American businessman Bennett Yuan, to find a buyer. As the suspense builds, Lily and Preshy must travel to Venice to meet and, among other things, protect the fortune Preshy is due to inherit from her Aunt Grizelda. Adler remains as adept as ever at making her various locales come to life and doesn't disappoint in keeping the mystery surrounding the necklace, and the two cousins, swirling. (amazon)

Doesn't this book sound really great?
Full of exotic locations, intrigue, and a hint of romance, this book could have been great.

Except that sadly, it sucked.

Ms. Adler, just 'cuz you've written a bajillion books doesn't mean you get to publish a book that is complete shit really bad. It got so bad, the name "Preshy" grated my nerves and made me grit my teeth.

Preshy is 38. She falls in love with whom she believes to be a charming man, but gets stood up.
Then all of a sudden, her long-lost cousin contacts her regarding some piece of jewelry that is so great many think it's a legend. Then people start getting killed and things start to happen and then she realizes some stuff in the end (that turns out to be really anticlimactic, anyway).

Beef #1: Writing style: Short, choppy, un-eloquent... was she going for that? Maybe she was aiming for fast and adventurous, but in short, it came out to be... choppy and in-cohesive.
(are un-eloquent and incohesive words or have I just ingeniously created two fabulous words?)

Beef #2: Plot: Uninteresting. Not a very thrilling thriller.

Beef #3: Characters: Unrelatable.

Beef #4: Dumb.
Beef #5: Waste of my time.
Beef #6: Hey, how'd she get this one published?

If you haven't caught my train of thought: don't read this.
If you do, I say: "Bad, huh? I told you so."

This book review is somewhat of a downer. I hate to be a Debbie Downer.
But fear not! I will be back with reviews of books worth reading.

Have a happy Wednesday.

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