Thursday, April 15, 2010

i sort-of... sort-of..

...want an e-kindle.

There! I said it!

(covers face in shame)

I like books. I like holding it in my little hands, creasing the spine, and hearing the swishes as I flip the pages. I like my stories to be in my hands.

But I realize that printing mass quantities of books uses a lot of paper. And the electronic readers offer something that books never will: the lightweight convenience of carrying multiple books around.

If I had an e-kindle, I wouldn't have had a suitcase full of books when I moved out of my dorm room several years ago. I wouldn't have had to lug around the weight of three fat babies when my family and I went on a cruise last summer. And when I start traveling (since that day will come..shortly!), it would be so easy to pull up books with a few, magical clicks.

But this means I would have to buy the e-book as opposed to borrowing it for free. Darn.

But I'd be able to carry multiple books for only two-and-something lbs!

Oh the dilemma...

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april said...

I have the nook, and I'm surprised at how much I love it. If you got the nook, I can lend you ebooks. It's a unique feature that has it's definite disadvantages, but it is nice to lend ebooks through the device, too. Amazon also has many books for free to help build your library if you go with the Kindle. It wasn't cheaper at first, but I'm finding it is overall. The balance is finding out when to buy paperbacks and when to buy ebooks. I find it's much cheaper than hardcovers and takes much less room which is nice.