Monday, May 19, 2008

Lisa Kleypas: Again the Magic

Again the Magic: A+
Lady Aline Marsden & John McKenna

...Her latest book follows the romance between childhood friends Lady Aline Marsden and stable boy John McKenna. When the budding romance between Aline and McKenna is discovered, McKenna is banished from the estate. In order to protect him from her father's wrath, Aline makes McKenna believe that she's rejecting him because of his lowly status. Now a real estate tycoon in New York City, McKenna returns with a plan-to seduce and abandon Aline as punishment for her earlier rejection. However, McKenna is unaware of the secrets Aline has kept all this time, and he's unprepared for the passion that he and Aline still share. Although the conflict between hero and heroine could be resolved with one honest conversation, the author creates a believable reason for their continued silence. Kleypas also explores some intriguing issues, particularly in a subplot involving Aline's sister and a charming alcoholic who accompanies McKenna. (amazon)

Oh, this book was so good! Remember how I said that Joanna Bourne’s The Spymaster’s Lady wasn’t mind-blowing, orgasm-inducing great?

Well, this one is. This story is fabulously, fantasically wonderful and completely poignant.


John McKenna is a poor, stable boy at the Marsdens residence. Aline is the daughter of a lord, and in following the traditions of the elite, her fate is to comply with an arranged marriage – one that would be a “good match.”

Because the Marsden residence, Stonybrook is in the countryside, Aline’s parents don’t pay attention to the happenings of their children, except Marcus – the eldest and heir. Thus, Aline and McKenna become friends – then best friends – and spend the better part of ten years together, fishing, climbing trees, romping around wreaking havoc. In this process, they fall in love with each other, something that both know is pretty much horrible, and that no good can ever result from their passionate, adolescent loving.

They are caught and McKenna is sent away.

Twelve years later, McKenna has made something huge of himself in New York, and is filthy rich. He and his business colleague return to Stonybrook to try to convince Lord Westbrook, Marcus, to invest in their business dealings… and McKenna and Aline meet.

Sparks fly and old feelings come back in a rush.

But they are not the same people that they were twelve years before and much has happened during those years.

Okay. My favorite types of romances are first-love romances and a rags-to-riches type storyline intertwined. This one is that – live and color. I love loved McKenna – my sister read the story, at my insistence, and said that yes, it was a good story, but that the hero was too brooding and arrogant.

He is (lovably so), but he isn’t the same person he was when he first fell in love with Aline, understandably so. BUT, he casts aside everything for Aline and tries his damned hardest to win her back. His words to her, in attempts of convincing her to be with him, made squeal like a fat pig. It was so tender and loving… completely overwhelming with love.

And Aline was gorgeous but had to deal with some of the obstacles life threw at her. She was prideful and insecure, but you find that she is the perfect foil to McKenna.

I’d like to say now, that Lisa Kleypas made a mistake when she wrote this book. The heroine’s name is Aline, but she had intended it to be Alice. (How could she possibly misspell Alice? I’m sure it was a typo and that in the re-issue, they’ll quickly change it.)

Aline Alice, I love you,” McKenna said with passion…


If you love first-love reunion stories, with a strong, dark, hunky, and completely attractive hero, this one is a must read!

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Holly said...

Isn't this book amazing? Lisa Kleypas at her best. I adore McKenna and Aline.

The end was just the absolute best.


When they're laying in bed together and McKenna's business partner opens the door. That scene gets me every time. Love it!


Such a fabulous read! Thanks for reminding me, Alice. I'm feeling the need to do a re-read now.