Friday, May 23, 2008

Lauren Royal: The Art of Temptation

The Art of Temptation: B+
Corinna Chase & Sean Delaney
Sweet Temptation series #3

Although he had a bevy of beautiful admirers, all Sean Delaney cared about was securing a divorce-for his sister, that is. That's why he was impersonating John Hamilton, her famous painter husband. It was the only way the rotter would agree to a divorce. Little did Sean realize that duping Hamilton's dying uncle would require the help of the very woman who could inspire him to get down on one knee... (amazon)

I really liked the premise of this book because I felt that it was really original. Sean Delaney is a hard-working man who was able to work his way “up” the ladder, something shunned by the British ton, yet something unable to ignore because of his wealth.

He also is a man with a heart, one who cares deeply about his family. When his younger sister’s husband proves to be a complete fruitcake, Sean tries to obtain a divorce for her. However, the idiot – who happens to be a very famous artist, refuses to divorce Sean’s sister unless Sean agrees to pose as him (the artist) in front of the douchebag’s very ill uncle.

Sean, wanting to strangle the man, agrees and meets Corinna, the youngest of the Chase sisters. She is an aspiring artist, wanting to get her paintings into the famous art museum, a difficult task that is exponentially harder for her because she is a female. When she meets Sean, he is under the guise of being the famous artist, one whom she adores.

Corinna chooses to paint Sean’s ailing “uncle,” and ends up being in close proximity with Sean. Fireworks go off, it sizzles, and all that jazz. However, what happens when it is revealed that Sean isn’t really the person he claims to be?

I loved Sean Delaney – what a hunky hunk with a huge heart. (Ooh, did you like the alliteration there?) He offers to masquerade as the fruitcake for his sister and when Corinna is in trouble, he immediately offers his assistance. What a gentleman! I also really enjoyed the ending, even though I predicted it down to the T.

It was a good, fast-paced, supremely easy read except for the fact that I really disliked it when Corinna kept on asking Sean for his kisses. It made her sound young, na├»ve (which she is, but that’s besides the point), and somewhat airheaded. It’s really inconsequential, I know, but for some reason, her asking for his kisses just really irked me. Other than that, this was the last of Royal’s Temptation series, so it had a lot of happiness regarding Corinna’s two older sisters.

Nothing too fancy schmancy – read for light pleasure.

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