Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tara Janzen: Crazy Sweet

Crazy Sweet F+

Crazy/ Steele Street Series #6

Utterly ridiculous and atrocious!

During a secret mission gone bad, covert operator Gillian Pentycote ceased to exist. Held captive by a madman, shot full of drugs that stole her memory, Gillian survived. Now, with a new identity and nothing to lose, the woman who calls herself Red Dog has gone from bookish secretary to sizzling-hot hired gun. And she has one plan: to find the man who shattered her life and take him down for good.

Special agent Travis James has the same plan, except he has rules to follow–and using a gorgeous amnesiac as bait isn’t in them. So Travis must play a dangerous double game of his own. He knows Red Dog will do anything to lure the ultimate criminal to her side and exact revenge. But from
Central America to a Colorado showdown, Travis has gotten his priorities straight. He’ll kill the bad guy, but only if he can save the beauty–and never, ever let her go.... (amazon.com)

There were so many elements of this story that I just really disliked, I think I only finished reading the story because of the introduction of Honey and C. Smith, and for the cameo of the other SDF members (yummy Christian and yummy Kid).

Element 1: Gillian is nine years older than Travis. I prefer my heroes to be older than the heroines, but I can tolerate if the heroine is a little older. But nine years, holy monkey! That’s almost a decade! Travis is just too young to be taken seriously in his role as bad-ass, shit-kicking government operator and Gillian seems too old to be lacy thong-ing Travis.

Element 2: Too much action, no romance. It’s like a speedy sex scene (which was blech, considering I don’t even like the characters) and then time for revenge. But the action scenes are haphazard and rushed. No, the entire story is that way.

Element 3: I couldn’t take Travis nor Gillian seriously. Love? What? When? There was no character development other than Travis wanting to “protect” his older lover-woman and her wanting justice for her amnesia. It’s a bad problem when the reader cannot sympathize with any of the characters.

I give it a small “+” next to the F because of C. Smith and Honey – two characters who were somewhat endearing and exciting, despite the fact that their book was a flop. I also loved Christian and everyone else’s cameo. (Well maybe not Dylan’s as much because the word “jailbait” still echoes in my head when I think of him and Skeeter.)

What a horrible read; I wanted to giggle because of the overall absurdity.

Overall, this is how I would rate the Crazy/ Steele Street Series:

Crazy Cool (book 2) and Crazy Kisses (book 4) were amazing, fast-paced, awesome, and stays in your head for a long time – even after you’ve put down the books. Christian and Kid are hotty hotties and wonderful; I even thought of trying to be a government FBI agent so that I could meet these types of real-life hotties. (lol.)

Crazy Hot (book 1) was acceptable, but nothing incredible. It’s good enough for you to continue reading the series.

Crazy Wild (book 3) was distasteful because love is nonexistent and Crazy Love (book 5) keeps on making me think of pedophiles and jailbaits.

Crazy Sweet (book 6, last) sucked and I hated it. I could have had more fun counting the number of eyebrow hairs I have on my face.


Anonymous said...

Geez, Alice don't hold back. LOL I'm with ya, I didn't get the whole Travis/Red Dog story at all. But I liked C. Smith and Honey a lot, I think maybe more than you.

So glad you loved Kid and Christian!! I'm so with you there. Mmmmm Kid... :D


Holly said...

See, I flat out refused to read this book after the one prior to it. I just wasn't impressed with Dylan and Skeeter's book and I had no desire to read about Travis and "Red Dog".

I did like the book after this one, though, and I just finished the most recent entry and thought it wasn't awful, though it certainly isn't my favorite of the series.

But what you just said about this book is what pretty much everyone said after reading it. :)

Casee said...

Holly pointed your review out to me and I just had to comment.

I thought I was the only one that HATED this book. HATED IT.

The "romance" between Red Dog and Travis was laughable.

I can't even say Red Dog with a straight face.

I hated the whole thing, from start to finish. Well, I enjoyed a little of C. Smith and Honey. Without them in the book, I probably wouldn't have even finished it.

Great review. :)

Vicious Trollop said...

This is the worst book in the series IMO.

Red Dog is an idiot and Travis is a cockholded idiot. They deserve each other LOL I skipped all of their parts and moved on to the Steele Street/Honey-Smith scenes.

As for Honey and Smith I loved their story. I really like Honey, she reminds me of me LOL (not sure how much of a compliment that is to me though).

Dylan and Skeeter *yawn* I didn't mind him being older at all, but really dude get the fuck over it. Did we have to read him whining about it through out the whole damn book?

I loved Crazy Cool, Crazy Wild and Crazy Kisses. Reading and enjoying On the Lose mainly b/c I love Honey and Campos is hot can't wait to read his book *g*.