Saturday, March 1, 2008

Rachel Gibson: Tangled Up In You

Tangled Up In You: C-
Maddie Dupree & Mick Hennessy

Maddie returns to her hometown to find out the truth of her murdered mother. She meets Mick, the man who is in the center of the entire problem.

She is attracted to him and without meaning to, lies to him by not telling him of her true identity – that she is the daughter of the woman who was murdered by Mick’s mother because Mick’s playboy father was having an affair with her.

At first, Mick just thinks that Maddie is an author, trying to write about his family secrets. But when he finds out the truth, things get ugly. He is pissed and betrayed, with good reason.

There’s a little bit of drama, a little bit of sadness and separation, and then resolution.

They resolve it by talking to each other in looooooong monologues. Like, Mick stood in front of Maddie and gave a ten-minute recap of how he felt, how he missed her, and eventually, that he loved her. She then responded with a ten-minute response of how she felt, how she missed him, and eventually, that she loved him.

I hate it when characters do that. How awkward and unrealistic. First, do guys talk for that long going on about how he feels? And second… how awkward. I feel it’s just a really easy way for an author to resolve the situation. “Hm, I’ll just have the characters talk everything out for a really long time until they tell each other everything.” It makes sense, after all, I don’t deny that communication is uber important. But for them to be upset at each other and then in the last ten pages, have them spill their guts to each other… makey no sensey.

Decent read. Some hot scenes. Nothing special.

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