Friday, November 23, 2007

Jerry Spinelli: Love, Stargirl

Love, Stargirl: A-

This brilliant sequel to Stargirl (Knopf, 2000) takes place a year later. Now living in Pennsylvania, Stargirl, 15, continues to pine for Leo, who dumped her, and struggles to make a place for herself in her new community. Fortunately, her eclectic neighbors, who include Dootsie, a five-year-old "human bean"; Betty Lou, an agoraphobic divorcée; and Perry Delloplane, an amiable thief, draw her back into life and happiness. Written in diary format-the "world's longest letter," as Stargirl calls it-this novel is as charming and unique as its sensitive, nonconformist heroine. Addressing loss, growing pains, and staying true to oneself, this stellar follow-up is both profound and funny.

A follow-up to Spinelli's Stargirl, this sequel has the same reminiscent and lyrical tone as its prequel.

The main question of "What about Leo?" and the ever-important "Will Stargirl ever get together with Starboy again?" kept on popping up in my mind - both of which Spinelli does a wonderful job of answering but not.

The adventures that Stargirl goes through is funny and tender; the emotions she feels are raw and real in spite of her trying to keep a happy attitude. It shows the life of a dumped teenager and the repercussions of love - and what happens when a girl strives to be different and changes the lives of others while she's at it.

Easy, fast, and light read.

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